Admission to the school

Information for foreign students


Due to global COVID-19 pandemia and the restrictions in different countries Tallinn Ballet School does not have admission test at School for foreign students.
Students who decide to apply for the academic year 2020/21 to Tallinn Ballet School must send their data and portfolio to: by May, 22, 2020.
The admittance committee will give their decision by July, 1, 2020 to the student or parent via e-mail.
The necessary data:
1.Contacts. In case of a minor also the parent's contacts
3.Portfolio including:
a) full body photo in training suite (no skirt)
b) classical ballet class, at the barre, adagio on the centre, pirouette, small and grand jumps, pirouette on toes
c) a performance of one classical ballet variation and combination of modern dance or a modern number


Studying at the school:
Tallinn Ballet School is the only educational institution administered by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research aimed at training professional dancers. The school is located in Toompea at Toom-Kooli 11 and has the student home in the city centre for students coming from outside Tallinn. At school you can study classical ballet and contemporary dance as well as acquire high-quality basic and secondary education.
The school admission is for students of 5th grade of basic school and the duration of the study is 8 years, divided into two periods. The junior level lasts for 5 academic years and lasts from 5th to 9th grades of basic school. The basic education is acquired at the junior level on the basis of the national curriculum of the basic school, and the specialty is studied according to the curriculum of the ballet school.                                                                                                                          

After finishing the basic school, student may choose from the two specialties at the senior level: classical ballet or contemporary dance. At the senior level, they complete secondary education and the chosen specialty within 3 academic years. We welcome student candidates who have got general skills in classical dance to participate in entrance examinations. Graduates of Tallinn Ballet School can continue their studies in the first cycle of higher education (undergraduate or professional higher education).

Admission tests:
Gathering at Tallinn Ballet School takes place 30 min. before the start of the tests (registration at the school office). The exact start time of the tests will be communicated to all candidates a few days before the admission tests.                                                                 

You should bring:                                                                                                                           

1. Identity document of the child (ID card or passport).                                                                   

2. Health certificate with vaccination data from family doctor.

Clothing: sportswear (dress), T-shirt and trousers, changing shoes.

Admission tests consist of a short general physical training, examination of professional aptitude, music and creativity tests, and medical examination.

The admission results will be published (child registration number) on the Tallinn Ballet School website no later than the working day following the admission. If possible, results will be reported through the same channel on the same day.