Tallinn Ballet School is the only educational institution for professional ballet dancers in Estonia. The Ballet School is located at Toom-Kooli 11, in Toompea, Tallinn. The school educates more than 100 students, and the school has a student home in the city centre.

At Tallinn Ballet School you can study classical ballet at the basic school level, classical ballet and contemporary dance at the upper secondary school level. Boys and girls aged 10 -11 are enrolled in the classical ballet specialty after finishing 4th grade of basic school. At Ballet School, basic education continues from grade 5 onwards. Admission tests are held every spring in May, where the prospective student is not required to have prior professional skills or knowledge. The admissions committee select the students, proceeding from their expected eligibility. Those who have begun ballet studies elsewhere may also enrol in Tallinn Ballet School after grade 6 or above if the applicant's professional skills correspond to the level of the school. Students in the modern dance speciality are admitted to senior level after completing grade 9.

The duration of study at Tallinn Ballet School is 8 years and is divided into two periods. The junior level lasts for 5 academic years and covers grades 5 to 9 of basic school. Basic education is acquired in compliance with the national basic school curriculum, and the specialty is taught according to the ballet school curriculum.

After basic school, there are two areas of study at the senior level: classical dance and contemporary dance. At a senior level, students acquire either a ballet dancer speciality plus secondary education or a contemporary dancer speciality plus secondary education. Upper school education lasts 3 academic years.

As part of the study, junior and senior students have stage practice and participate in ballet performances, concerts and festivals at the Estonian National Opera. The biggest concert performance of the school students is held every spring at Tallinn Ballet School Gala at the Estonian National Opera.